I work in South London. I do home/work visits in London on request (please go to contact form section to request more information) .Please note that there will be an extra administration and transport fee.

I am available in Balham and Clapham Common

 Feel Good Balham 

To book appointments please contact:

Feel Good Balham: 020 8673 2163


 e: sonia.cousillas@hotmail.com

Clapham Common Clinic

to book appointments please contact :

Clapham Common Clinic: 020 7627 8890 


e: sonia.cousillas@hotmail.com

I help at  The Sunrise Children's Clinic once a month

This is a low cost homœopathic clinic for children and their families located in:

1 Cazenove Road

Stoke Newington

N16 6PA

Appointments: 020 8806 4138

We can arrange consultations in your home/office.Please go to contact form for this service or email me at :