• People referred by past patients
  • People referred by doctors 
  • People who have been told that they have just got to live with their symptoms
  • People who are actively looking at all systems of health care 


Homeopathy is used and considered effective for different complaints by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Classical Homeopathy doesn't treat named diseases,  but patients have reported an amelioration in the  symptoms of different diseases after homeopathic constitutional treatment.

I offer consultations to people with skin problems, people who are going through changes in their life, puberty, menopause, divorce, bereavement, redundancy. Children often respond really well to  treatment. It is safe to use during pregnancy.

Homeopathy is incorporated into healthcare systems in Brazil, India, Russia, Malaysia and Cuba and into local healthcare systems in many African countries.

It is used by 30% of the population in Germany.

One in 4 prescriptions in France are homeopathic (ref Science and Technology hearing Phil Willis)











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