The aim of the consultation is to get to know you as an individual in order to find the right remedy for you as an individual.

In the first consultation my aim will be to assess your general state of health. It may take up to two hours. I will be asking different questions that may seem irrelevant for you but they are important in order to individualize your prescription. The idea is to discover the unique way a complaint is experienced by you at all levels (physical, mental and emotional).

During the interview I will be asking you to explain in great detail the symptoms that you experience in the physical, mental and emotional level. A detailed medical history of  your health will be covered as well as your family medical history.

In Homeopathy symptoms are taken as the language of disease, they are the body's attempts to regain balance. Homeopathic remedies will try to assist and support that process of healing without suppressing it. In order for me to get to remedy that will help you as a whole I need as much information as possible about what influence your symptoms for better and worse.

Your personality traits, idiosyncrasies, past and present life stresses and grieves will be taken into account. Sleep patterns, dreams, response to weather, food preferences and hobbies will offer important and individualized clues in order to find the best remedy for you.

After your consultation I will usually prescribe a remedy,  most often a single pill or liquid. The remedy will be posted to you within 10 days of the date of the consultation as I will need to take time to study and asses all the information in your case to find the most suitable remedy for you. Sometimes depending on circumstances a remedy may be prescribed during the consultation if appropriate or within a shorter period of time.

A follow up should be schedule between 4-6 weeks after taking your remedy to monitor your response to the prescription. Follow up appointments if taken regularly are normally shorter (up to 45mins, less for children). It is recommended (not compulsory) to write down the changes that you notice between appointments to assist in your follow up appointment.

Between consultations I will to try to answer your emails regarding treatment.

Acute treatment is available via telephone or skype to existing customers only (charges are £15 for 15mins consultation paid by bank transfer or paypal).